Monday, June 30, 2014

first week!

How is everyone doing??
How this has been the craziest adventure of my life!!! haha after traveling for almost 24 hours from plane delays I finally made it to guadalajara. we got in and got to sleep for 4 hours and then woke up. and President Camarillo gave us our areas and companions and off we went.

My companera is Hermana Castillo. She is from Cihuaha Mexico. She is very very very nice and helps me ATON!! She can speak English but doesn{t use it very often:)

My area is the Guacamayas. It is a very poor area. In the little neighborhoods the kids run around most in underwear and only have a doll or soccor ball. the houses here are the size of my room in Centerville. They all have dirt floors and if they have a roof it is made of a tarp.

There are so so so so so many dogs here. They just run around wild haha at first i was terrified of them. But i have gotten used to them.

There are NO driving rules here whatsoever!!!!! haha haha the people don{t stop for you so we are always running to get out of the way. haha everyone just honks. 

Everyone here stares and me. sometimes the little girls here come and touch me with wide eyes. Everyone else just stares at me!! and the men whistle and yell things. I always ask my companera what they are saying but she never tells me. haha 

my house is one big room. there is a very some toilet and shower then there is a little station to handwash our clothes and dishes. we also just hang our clothes on a giant clothes line that we strung across our house. it is SOOOOOOO HOT here!! everyone is constatly dripping in sweat! haha also i literally have 53 mesquito bites on my legs.!!

This is super hard, and i have no idea what people are saying, but there is no place i would rather be!! Thanks for all the prayers. i love you all


hermana forsgren 

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