Monday, June 30, 2014

last week in the MTC!!!!!!!!

HOLA!!! how is everyone doing??
HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! love you with all my heart dad!:) Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY B-RAIN!!!!
I'm sad to hear the Spurs won it all!:/ I was really hopin LJ king would get another one! 
I cannot believe that i'm leaving for the MTC on MONDAY, it has gone by so fast!! Plus i really like it here! (minus the food) haha 

hmm.. nothing too exciting happend this week! Since school got out the number of missionaries has grown SO much, i'm excited to get outta here and beat the rush though:)

I'm very sad to be leaving my progressing investigators Jose and Hely, I have already grown to love them!! As well as my teachers Hermana Luna and Hermano Martinez! And i'm terrified to leave my hermanas! 

On Tuesday M. Russel Ballard came! he gave an amazing talk!!!!!!!:)

haha H. Dubbs got really excited and was jumping in our apartment and completely ripped her skirt! hahaha so funny!

I'm super busy this week! next time i email i'll be in Mexico!! CRAZY LOCO!!!

anyways, i love all you very much and pray for you everyday!! Pray for me this week i'm gonna need it!:) The church is true I know it with all my heart!!


Hermana Forsgren

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