Monday, February 23, 2015

Hola Amigos


Hey everyone!!:)

How`s everyone doing this week?? I`m doing really good cuz our shower finally started working! No more bucket showersssssss. Too bad we dont have running water now.. haha 

This week was just a normal week in Morelia Mexico!:) Remember my 2 baptisms Juan and Jose? The twins that were atheist? well there family is listening to us right now:) their parents and little sister came to church with us!:) This week we didnt have much success and our district leader invited all of the district to fast to have investigatores in sacrament meeting this week we had 5. I know that if we have the faith sufficient the Lord always follows through with his promises.:)

Today in the morning my zone leaders called me and told me that i have to travel to guadalajara (4 hours) because my president invited me to the leadership meeting... ugh please pray for me a lot. im excited but super nervous, its a lot of responsibility..

Anyways i hope that you all ahve a good week!:) I pray for you all every night!:) 

Keep me in your prayers!

hermana forsgren 

Sunday, December 21, 2014


HEY everyone!!

This week was super awesome!!:) We had the chance to hear from Russel M. Nielson! he came to our mission and talked to us. It was amazing to feel the spirit when he walked into the room. He gave us an amazing talk.:)

I hope that everyone is enjoying the holdiay season!:) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE  send me your christmas cards!:) I really wanna see all your beautiful faces!:) 

my new companion is doing amazing! She pretty much came pre trained! her name is hermana mones!

well i am loving my mission. theres something about black hair and brown eyes that will always have a place in my heart! please pray for the people here in mexico in my area! i love you all so much! have an awesome week!:)

foto uno: me and my mom in the mission were reunited at last!!!!! and the hermana in the middle was my companion this past transfer! these women are amazing!! and im sooo greatful to have them in my life. theyre seriously the best!!:)

foto dos: My new companion hermana Mones! isnt she just the cutest?

hermana forsgren 

Monday, December 1, 2014


Hola everyone I hope you all had a good thanksgiving and remembered everything to be grateful for. Christmas is approaching everyone go to and watch the video!!:) It will put you in the holiday spirit!! i cried. haha

This thanksgiving was a little different being without my family and friends. But we have a really good bishop in our ward and he made me a thanksgiving dinner!! with actual turkey and potatoes and everything!!:) I tasted home for the first time in 6 months! haha i still really like tortillas and peppers though!! haha 

Last monday we helped a member put of her tree!!:) it was fun!! i thought of everyone putting up there trees and going black friday shopping! i hope your found a lot of good deals!:) 

I am grateful for you all in my life and everything that you all have done for me!!!!!! 

hermana forsgren

I don't have much time this week because we are going to a zone activity!!

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Hola everyone,
Not much happened this week! we have been giving service to members here in my ward that litterally have NOTHING and there living conditions are unbeleiveable!! they dont have water to shower iwth or food to eat. We gave them 4 apples and they almost cried cuz they were soooo happy to recieve just 4 apples! I love these people soo much and they are very special to me! please keep them in your prayers!
I am also teaching a brother that was addicted to drugs and achohol for 13 years of his life, he is trying to turn is life around right now. please pray for him as well!!:)

This week me and my comp put up our little christmas tree and today we are going to put up another one with a member in her house!!

this week is thanksgiving and i just want to thank everyone that is in my life, you all are truly all blessings! we are blessed to live where we live and to have the things we have. The people here are truly happy, they have the faith that sometimes we lack.Sometimes its hard our life isnt easy we go through things that sometimes we dont know why but if you think about it we arent the only ones that have gone through it. We have a savior that has felt everything and more that we feel.
i love you all very much!!
also a member my favorite member her name in hermana Cluadia made me funeral potatos and I litterally cried i was sooo happy and now i m going to the zoo!:)

hermana forsgren
also my companion hermana feregrino says hiiiii

Saturday, August 30, 2014


HOLA mis amigos!!:)
here are a few stories for ya if ya care to read them:)

Last P day we went to walmart and we invited one of our investigators (Rosa) to come with us! Rosa's baptism is on SATURDAY and I am soooo excited. Anyways, it was her very first time seeing a walmart and going inside. haha I cried in the middle of walmart cuz it reminded me of everyone back at home! miss you all!:)

some words of advice... 
do not eat a lot of jalepenos and then put on the stinging chapstick! your lips will die! haha

This week I gave a talk in sacrament it was my second talk I have given in sacrament since i have been here! I really hope at least one person understood what i was saying!

so.... last week i got this really good idea to make banana pancakes! So me and hna. castillo went to the store under our house and baught bananas. we put them on a plate on top of our microwave. (our microwave is on a table) Then the next day i noticed that 1/4 of one banana was eaten. so, im like that's weird why would my comp. only eat 1/4 of a banana!?! Then 5 minutes later my comp. asks me "Why did you not eat the whole banana?" Im like i thought that was you! then we both look on the ground and see rat poop all over the floor! we looked all over for that rat and we couldn't find it. THEN this morning when we were sleeping we hear this water bottle hit the floor, we hurry and turn on the light and see this HUGE rat run under our door. i wanted to cry! we are yet to catch the rat and we're both terrified!! haha 

My comp. looks at me one day and says "its going to air a lot today so we have to be careful! For the next 5 minutes i figuring out that "air" really means wind! haha

On friday we have a huge missionary ward activity at the church me and my comp. stood outside the church and invited people to come in! in each room the ward had a display! in our room we  made a huge plan of salvation and had treats. we talked to 73 people! 

As missionaries are taught to always invite people to do things, not to go all missionary on you all, but you should go read a talk by jeffery r. holland called "Remember Lot's Wife" it is so good!

well i love you all very much and always keep you in my prayers!!:) have a good week!

con amor,

hermana forsgren 

sending my love from guacamayas mexico


how is everyone doing?? 

this week a member asked us to wear white shirts and black skirts because she wanted us to sing in sacrament! haha turns out she just made it up so the missionaries were matching yesterday! haha The sad thing is this is the least embarrassing thing that has happened all week! haha i will learn espanol one day!

a couple days ago we were teaching a family and after we walked over to a different house and the kids all followed us over there. The house we were at has a lot of untrustable men (I always feel safe, but its just not a good place for kids) anyways the mom walks over to the house and starts yelling at the kids to get home. then all of the sudden she starts chucking rocks AT HER KIDS!!!! then the next day her kid was playing with a macheti and she grabs the knife out of her child's hand and chucks it at a horse! luckily it missed the horse and my comp! ahah craziness!!

One of my investigators cant say my name cuz he had speech problems so he calls me hermana froski! its the best!

well not too much happened this week!! hope all is dong well!!

love you all!!

love, hermana froski 

love you all


hola everyone!!

last week i traveled to Guadalajara again so i didnt get to write!!

Last week i went on exchanges with the sister training leader! and an investigator gave me an umbrela! the people here are so nice! she had no idea who i was and she gave me an umbrella for the rain.

haha my water decided not to turn on for three days so me and my comp took bucket showers! I will never be clean here!!:)

me and my companion were sitting waiting for pizza to be done because a member gave us money instead of feeding us, and a drunk man comes over to us and tries to sit on me!!! haha i hurry and jump up! then i started teaching him about the word of wisdom. I gave him a pamphlet about it and he starts kissing the pamphlet!! hahaha me and hna. castillo died of laughter!!!

one of my investigators Vanessa asked me if i wanted to drink her turtle egg! people drink turtle eggs here! ewwwww

Pamela a member, made american food for me! i wanted to cry! it was SOOOO good! she made union rings and hamburgers!!

one of our investgiators hernesto has 13 earrings on one ear! he was wearing a necklace with a huge tooth on it and he comes up to me in a lesson and says 
I know you are really smart and you study a lot so do you know what animal this tooth came from?? hahah i was like umm... i study the bible and the book of mormon!! haha next time i see him ill just tell him it was a tiger or something!! haha oh hernesto.

This man was very sad and he starts talking to us he started telling us that he is an alcholic beacuse is daughter was murdered! it was very sad we taught him about the plan of salvation and how one day he will see his daughter again! 

The police here drive around in big trucks and carry big big big guns! they all wear bullet proof vests and helmets! anyways they all have very serious looks on there face and today one of them smiled and waved to me!! i was sooo happpy!! haha i finally got one of them to smile at me!!

I love the children here soooooo sooooooo soooooo much!! I taught them how to give pinkey promises and they all promised me to go to church with me!

anwyays sorry this email is so long! i love love love love being a missionary! i love the people here!! i love the gospel and i know it is true!!

also, Angelica gave us a hamick!! we are sooo excited to put it up!! 

con amor,

hermana forsgren