Monday, February 23, 2015

Hola Amigos


Hey everyone!!:)

How`s everyone doing this week?? I`m doing really good cuz our shower finally started working! No more bucket showersssssss. Too bad we dont have running water now.. haha 

This week was just a normal week in Morelia Mexico!:) Remember my 2 baptisms Juan and Jose? The twins that were atheist? well there family is listening to us right now:) their parents and little sister came to church with us!:) This week we didnt have much success and our district leader invited all of the district to fast to have investigatores in sacrament meeting this week we had 5. I know that if we have the faith sufficient the Lord always follows through with his promises.:)

Today in the morning my zone leaders called me and told me that i have to travel to guadalajara (4 hours) because my president invited me to the leadership meeting... ugh please pray for me a lot. im excited but super nervous, its a lot of responsibility..

Anyways i hope that you all ahve a good week!:) I pray for you all every night!:) 

Keep me in your prayers!

hermana forsgren