Friday, February 21, 2014

Grateful: (adjective) Feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness


So i had a life changing experience after the heat game, and i have been debating whether or not to write about it because of the how much this experience meant to me. But it's just too good of a story not to share. After the Heat basketball game me and my friends decided to go to the Pie in SLC. Some of my friends from Dixie came to visit and i was dying to see them. and let me tell you it was awesome seeing them. After we said all said our goodbyes and drive safely's we all piled into a car, we decided to head up to one of the kid's stepdad's house kinda by park city. (as if we didn't have a fun enough day already). well as we were driving you up a hill, we noticed that there was what looked like a car coming straight at us. we were on a hill so we couldn't really tell because of the funky lights as we got closer we realized THAT A CAR WAS COMING STRAIGHT AT US. right when i saw the car i said a quick prayer in my heart and soon got this peaceful feeling that we were all gonna be okay. the driver of my car, quickly turned the wheel (which we were lucky he didn't over rotate because if so we would have ended up in a ditch) the car coming straight at us missed us by a foot! ya know when you are driving on the freeway and car gets super close you and you feel a slight little breeze of the car passing you? yeah we felt that. when we pulled over we all got our groundings and i called 911. i felt bad because i had no idea what road i was on. It was the weirdest thing ever, the car driving on the opposite side of the road kept going in a straight line, not swerving or anything. i know for a fact our Heavenly Father was watching over us. it was the closest to death i have ever been in my life. but probably one the most spiritual moments of my life as well. I will never forget the undeniable spirit i felt when i was thanking my Heavenly Father, that i was alive. There's more crazy elements of the story but they are just wayy to spiritual to share on the internet.

The Lord answers prayers in mysterious ways. This was an answer to everyone in the car, in one way or another. This sounds cheesy but that experience literally has changed my life. I know for a fact that i am alive because Heavenly Father was watching over 4 very blessed teenagers. i know we all have our own mission in this life and that ours is waiting to be fulfilled. life is precious, that's for sure. I am so thankful to have a Heavenly Father that listens and answers our prayers. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Whatta life


(^^ Currently looking at LJ King baby. Um.... freaking out was an understatement hahaha)

(my brother was a little mad the Heat lost haha)


Last Saturday I went to the Jazz verse Heat game! Best fifty dollars of my life!!! Yeah fifty dollars for some of the worst seats in the house, some might call me crazy! But can i just tell you, it was SO worth it! Thank goodness for binoculars right? You have probably noticed I love the Heat (it's okay you can call me a bandwagon fan.) The game was crazy, me and my friend Ryan went to go get ice cream but ended up running back to our seats because we didn't want to miss the game. haha the whole game we were on our feet, literally on our feet. I wish that I could dunk like them, it was freaking awesome. Plus they drained three's like it was nobody's business. After the game we walked down to the court, haha I got yelled at for walking "too far" on the wood. haha I just wanted to touch the floor that D-Wade touched! haha somehow we got the bright idea to look for the players in their locker room haha Ryan was like "just pretend you know what you're doing and they'll let us in that door" haha they actually let us in. But, I guess we could only BS them for so long cuz we only got to jazz dancers locker room until one of the workers made us turn around. So unfortunately we never got to actually see any of the players face to face, but we got way close! Plus the adventure was soooo funny. So if you're ever looking for something fun to do get out go to a Jazz game, or if you're even luckier go to a Heat game. haha what a great night!:) #ballsohard

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Turn down for what??


So tonight started out really sucky. To the point were I was starting to regret actually getting ready. Me and a few of my friends were just sitting in my basement. Then we decided to drive around just to give us something to do. Well, we figured out that one of my friends locked his keys in his car. He lives like 30 minutes away from me, so we drove to his house and get his spare key. Since we were already in SLC we decided to drop by the Pie Hole to get some pizza. When we were walking to go in THEE craziest thing happened! A limo was parked on the side of the rode, my crazy friends were a head of me and started talking to the driver. Keep in mind that these guys always come out with the craziest ish that nobody ever believes! (Ryan that's you- haha) I knew what they were asking the driver, but I didn't think that he would actually say yes! The driver said that if we gave him a tip he'd drive us around!! Like are you serious dude? IS THIS REAL LIFE?? haha we're always up for an adventure so of course we jumped in! Let's just say that from that point on the party went crazy! We jammed out the whole entire time! Seriously, I could not stop smiling, I just couldn't! I'm still trying to convince myself that I just got out of a limo! Coolest thing I've done in along time! This is what life is about having a good time with the people you love. (So what i'm super cheezy)

(^^^ don't ask what we were doing, it was cool at the time)

So uhh that just happened! haha can i just tell you this weekend has been awesome! Plus, the Superbowl is tomorrow! The Superbowl is tomorrow, like the most exciting Sunday of the year (besides conference duh, hahahahhahaha sooo funny) Nut seriously who doesn't love the Superbowl? I know I do! As for now, i'm peacin out cuz I have church in 6 hours! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as i did!
-xoxo Alexis Dee Forsgren