Monday, June 30, 2014

first week!

How is everyone doing??
How this has been the craziest adventure of my life!!! haha after traveling for almost 24 hours from plane delays I finally made it to guadalajara. we got in and got to sleep for 4 hours and then woke up. and President Camarillo gave us our areas and companions and off we went.

My companera is Hermana Castillo. She is from Cihuaha Mexico. She is very very very nice and helps me ATON!! She can speak English but doesn{t use it very often:)

My area is the Guacamayas. It is a very poor area. In the little neighborhoods the kids run around most in underwear and only have a doll or soccor ball. the houses here are the size of my room in Centerville. They all have dirt floors and if they have a roof it is made of a tarp.

There are so so so so so many dogs here. They just run around wild haha at first i was terrified of them. But i have gotten used to them.

There are NO driving rules here whatsoever!!!!! haha haha the people don{t stop for you so we are always running to get out of the way. haha everyone just honks. 

Everyone here stares and me. sometimes the little girls here come and touch me with wide eyes. Everyone else just stares at me!! and the men whistle and yell things. I always ask my companera what they are saying but she never tells me. haha 

my house is one big room. there is a very some toilet and shower then there is a little station to handwash our clothes and dishes. we also just hang our clothes on a giant clothes line that we strung across our house. it is SOOOOOOO HOT here!! everyone is constatly dripping in sweat! haha also i literally have 53 mesquito bites on my legs.!!

This is super hard, and i have no idea what people are saying, but there is no place i would rather be!! Thanks for all the prayers. i love you all


hermana forsgren 

last week in the MTC!!!!!!!!

HOLA!!! how is everyone doing??
HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! love you with all my heart dad!:) Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY B-RAIN!!!!
I'm sad to hear the Spurs won it all!:/ I was really hopin LJ king would get another one! 
I cannot believe that i'm leaving for the MTC on MONDAY, it has gone by so fast!! Plus i really like it here! (minus the food) haha 

hmm.. nothing too exciting happend this week! Since school got out the number of missionaries has grown SO much, i'm excited to get outta here and beat the rush though:)

I'm very sad to be leaving my progressing investigators Jose and Hely, I have already grown to love them!! As well as my teachers Hermana Luna and Hermano Martinez! And i'm terrified to leave my hermanas! 

On Tuesday M. Russel Ballard came! he gave an amazing talk!!!!!!!:)

haha H. Dubbs got really excited and was jumping in our apartment and completely ripped her skirt! hahaha so funny!

I'm super busy this week! next time i email i'll be in Mexico!! CRAZY LOCO!!!

anyways, i love all you very much and pray for you everyday!! Pray for me this week i'm gonna need it!:) The church is true I know it with all my heart!!


Hermana Forsgren

Friday, June 13, 2014

Week #4



Happy birthday to my dad this week!!:)
How is everyone?? This week has gone by SOOOO fast. I cannot believe that i'm almost gonna be leaving the MTC! I actually reallly love it here:) how is everyone doing??

This Sunday Quinton L. Cook came and talked to us! He told us that we could do hard things and not to give up! the devotionals always seem to help!

This week I saw TONS of people I know, Elder Jordan Cruz, Elder Josh Anderson, Sister Kelsey Layton, Elder Tanner Luke, Elder Brandan Kasperian, and Elder Travis Henderson!:)

My H. Bey chipped a tooth and so we had to go to the dentist! it was pretty fun to get outta the MTC! It's weird surrounding myself with people in the real world and not just missionaries! haha 

Guess what??:( my investigator Hely got an infection in her leg and was in the hospital so we haven't been able to teach her. everyone pray for her to get better! She's prime. But my other investigator Sandra is committed to baptism so that's way awesome!

haha funny story so our zone plays volleyball together! it's way fun and a lot of times we almost get kicked out for being too competitive! But anyways Elder Bowers (we call him elder Goleth) because he's like 7 feet tall. Serves WAYYY fast and it's terrifying! Well, he serves it right to H. Dubbs (hermana White) and hits her right in the face!!!!!
 hahahahhahahaha it was so funny! i cried

if any of you are looking for a good documentary to watch go and watch "the life of Thomas S. Monson" (mal) it is sooo good!!

My branch president got released this Sunday, I loved that man! But i know our new one will be amazing too!

Hermana Fogle is having ankle issues and if they don't get better she will have to stay at the MTC and go to physical therapy and maybe get surgery! Please pray for her as well:)

I met one of my favorite bloggers here at the MTC!:)

Anyways, the MTC is flying by!! it's kinda sad because i have grown to love it!!:) I leave for Mexico WAY soon! haha i'm sooo excited!

I love you all!:) 
hermana Forsgren

Sunday, June 8, 2014



HEY!! wow the mtc is seriously FLYING by!

all the days mush together here so i'm just gonna go through some highlights this week!

#1: my comp got super sick and we had to go to the doctor so that got me out of spanish class! haha she had to get a shot so we were there for TWO hours! haha i felt so bad cuz i could just see how sick she was.

#2 WE GOT A NEW INVESTIGATOR!! her name is Hely! Me and H. Bey honestly cannot figure out if she is a member or not! haha but anyways the BEST thing EVER happened! So we were having a conversation with Hely and she asked a question i didn't really know the answer to. then all of the sudden my voice just started speaking! it wasn't me talking though. All the sudden i looked up and just saw Hely and my comp BAWLING! I honestly don'e know what i was saying, but that doesn't matter because i know that Hely felt the spirit. and that's all that matters:) the gift of tongues is real.

#3 I had to take a test in spanish and it was the hardest thing ever! i got second best in my classe though so that's good!

#4 i taught my teachers ballet and it was probably the funniest thing that has happend all week:)

#5 i'm tooo competitive for the MTC, we were playing volleyball and Hermana White hits it and then falls to the ground so then i run over and yell "MOVE" and then the ball hits her in the face!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA i love hermana white! she's the greatest!! hahahhahaha yesterday hermana white wore two bras on accident cuz she forgot to take one off at gym! the whole day she was complaining that her boobs hurt!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH everyone thinks we're the weirdest! too funny!! oh and she spilled her water ALL over the salad bar and i just couldn't stop laughing and the workers got SOOOOO mad!! hahah and we have this really short teacher that looks like an elder so she started talking to him in espanol (we're supposed to be examples and ALWAYS speak in spanish) so she starts talking to the teacher and he starts speaking fluent spanish and was like "well, you've been here for a day and speak better spanish then me and walks away! HAHAHAH SO FUNNY

#6 we got ANOTHER new zone!! they're cute one lived in NYC and i want her life.

#7 in testimony meeting one hermana bore her testimony and she said that a couple weeks before she got her call her mom got diagnosed with brain cancer, the doctors gave her 1-2 years to live. After praying long and hard she new it was right to still serve a mission! i can't even imagine what she is going through. I look up to her so much for being here right now.

#8 me and my comp sleep on the couch every night cuz it's 100003046512301301 time more comfortable then our beds.

#9 the food is destroying my body

#10 i love being here!! i love my zone! the spanish is coming along!!

Sorry my letters are soooo long!! please write me!!:) i love getting letters and dear elders!! you guys are the best!!:)

DAGU KUNDA (it means i love you kirundi) haha the things you learn at the MTC!

hermana Forsgren

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Week #2 (sorry it's kinda long) xoxo


hey!! Welcome to the MTC when the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days!:)
Guess what?? it's the first time in church history that there are 51% sister missionaries and 49% elders!! HERMANAS REPRESENT! I'm doing great!! I got called to be the new Sister Training leader in my zone, so that is fun!!:)

Thursday: I went to the temple and i just love the temple so much! it was way funnnn

Friday: Was kinda hard and i had a little melt down in front of my teacher! haha it was so embarassing he gave me tissues though and picked up all the snotty ones for me!! haha i'm good now though so no worries!! haha my teachers are the best!:)

Saturday: Nothing too exciting happened! just study study study:) oh but i was teaching a lesson and my investigator pretty much just told me and my comp that the BOM contradicted itself and i didn't know how to respond in spanish! (or english for that matter) haha so there was a long moment of silence and my and my sweet comp just stared at each other! HAHA 

Sunday: I got called as the sister training leader! it was a huge blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then i had to give a lesson to my brand presidency and zone! it went well! i love sundays here!! 

Monday: HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!! So on Monday's we go to the TRC and we give lessons to members in spanish and the old lady we taught was like 65! i asked her why she learned spanish and she said that someone gave her a blessing cuz she was having trouble with her kids. and in the blessing it just randomly said to learn spanish!! haha if she has enough faith to learn spanish because it was in a blessing, i can learn spanish to serve a mission!! haha i love that women i hope i get to say bye to her before i leave. 

Tuesday:MY VISA PAPERS CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got to go to SLC and i heard real music! haha it was awesome to see the real world!!! it was right by the Bee's stadium and it reminded me of all the fun times me and my friends would go watch baseball and the fireworks!!:)

Wednesday: well in the morning my companion got super sick so she took a nap and i studied the first vision! then we had to go to the doctors and we were there for TWO hours! haha so i just gotta a little break from class and i tried to memorize the first vision and it was freaking hard! haha then the new hermanas cameso i got to give them an orientation and give them a tour of the campus! Our zone got 4 new hermanas and 2 new elders! it was fun to meet them!:)

Today i getta go to the temple! i'm so excited:) Sorry my emails are so long i just don't wanna leave anything out! i love you all sooo much! have an awesome week!! WRITE ME A LETTER!:) 

Hermana Forsgren:)