Friday, June 13, 2014

Week #4



Happy birthday to my dad this week!!:)
How is everyone?? This week has gone by SOOOO fast. I cannot believe that i'm almost gonna be leaving the MTC! I actually reallly love it here:) how is everyone doing??

This Sunday Quinton L. Cook came and talked to us! He told us that we could do hard things and not to give up! the devotionals always seem to help!

This week I saw TONS of people I know, Elder Jordan Cruz, Elder Josh Anderson, Sister Kelsey Layton, Elder Tanner Luke, Elder Brandan Kasperian, and Elder Travis Henderson!:)

My H. Bey chipped a tooth and so we had to go to the dentist! it was pretty fun to get outta the MTC! It's weird surrounding myself with people in the real world and not just missionaries! haha 

Guess what??:( my investigator Hely got an infection in her leg and was in the hospital so we haven't been able to teach her. everyone pray for her to get better! She's prime. But my other investigator Sandra is committed to baptism so that's way awesome!

haha funny story so our zone plays volleyball together! it's way fun and a lot of times we almost get kicked out for being too competitive! But anyways Elder Bowers (we call him elder Goleth) because he's like 7 feet tall. Serves WAYYY fast and it's terrifying! Well, he serves it right to H. Dubbs (hermana White) and hits her right in the face!!!!!
 hahahahhahahaha it was so funny! i cried

if any of you are looking for a good documentary to watch go and watch "the life of Thomas S. Monson" (mal) it is sooo good!!

My branch president got released this Sunday, I loved that man! But i know our new one will be amazing too!

Hermana Fogle is having ankle issues and if they don't get better she will have to stay at the MTC and go to physical therapy and maybe get surgery! Please pray for her as well:)

I met one of my favorite bloggers here at the MTC!:)

Anyways, the MTC is flying by!! it's kinda sad because i have grown to love it!!:) I leave for Mexico WAY soon! haha i'm sooo excited!

I love you all!:) 
hermana Forsgren

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