Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Whatta life


(^^ Currently looking at LJ King baby. Um.... freaking out was an understatement hahaha)

(my brother was a little mad the Heat lost haha)


Last Saturday I went to the Jazz verse Heat game! Best fifty dollars of my life!!! Yeah fifty dollars for some of the worst seats in the house, some might call me crazy! But can i just tell you, it was SO worth it! Thank goodness for binoculars right? You have probably noticed I love the Heat (it's okay you can call me a bandwagon fan.) The game was crazy, me and my friend Ryan went to go get ice cream but ended up running back to our seats because we didn't want to miss the game. haha the whole game we were on our feet, literally on our feet. I wish that I could dunk like them, it was freaking awesome. Plus they drained three's like it was nobody's business. After the game we walked down to the court, haha I got yelled at for walking "too far" on the wood. haha I just wanted to touch the floor that D-Wade touched! haha somehow we got the bright idea to look for the players in their locker room haha Ryan was like "just pretend you know what you're doing and they'll let us in that door" haha they actually let us in. But, I guess we could only BS them for so long cuz we only got to jazz dancers locker room until one of the workers made us turn around. So unfortunately we never got to actually see any of the players face to face, but we got way close! Plus the adventure was soooo funny. So if you're ever looking for something fun to do get out go to a Jazz game, or if you're even luckier go to a Heat game. haha what a great night!:) #ballsohard

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