Saturday, November 29, 2014


Hola everyone,
Not much happened this week! we have been giving service to members here in my ward that litterally have NOTHING and there living conditions are unbeleiveable!! they dont have water to shower iwth or food to eat. We gave them 4 apples and they almost cried cuz they were soooo happy to recieve just 4 apples! I love these people soo much and they are very special to me! please keep them in your prayers!
I am also teaching a brother that was addicted to drugs and achohol for 13 years of his life, he is trying to turn is life around right now. please pray for him as well!!:)

This week me and my comp put up our little christmas tree and today we are going to put up another one with a member in her house!!

this week is thanksgiving and i just want to thank everyone that is in my life, you all are truly all blessings! we are blessed to live where we live and to have the things we have. The people here are truly happy, they have the faith that sometimes we lack.Sometimes its hard our life isnt easy we go through things that sometimes we dont know why but if you think about it we arent the only ones that have gone through it. We have a savior that has felt everything and more that we feel.
i love you all very much!!
also a member my favorite member her name in hermana Cluadia made me funeral potatos and I litterally cried i was sooo happy and now i m going to the zoo!:)

hermana forsgren
also my companion hermana feregrino says hiiiii

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