Saturday, August 30, 2014


HOLA mis amigos!!:)
here are a few stories for ya if ya care to read them:)

Last P day we went to walmart and we invited one of our investigators (Rosa) to come with us! Rosa's baptism is on SATURDAY and I am soooo excited. Anyways, it was her very first time seeing a walmart and going inside. haha I cried in the middle of walmart cuz it reminded me of everyone back at home! miss you all!:)

some words of advice... 
do not eat a lot of jalepenos and then put on the stinging chapstick! your lips will die! haha

This week I gave a talk in sacrament it was my second talk I have given in sacrament since i have been here! I really hope at least one person understood what i was saying!

so.... last week i got this really good idea to make banana pancakes! So me and hna. castillo went to the store under our house and baught bananas. we put them on a plate on top of our microwave. (our microwave is on a table) Then the next day i noticed that 1/4 of one banana was eaten. so, im like that's weird why would my comp. only eat 1/4 of a banana!?! Then 5 minutes later my comp. asks me "Why did you not eat the whole banana?" Im like i thought that was you! then we both look on the ground and see rat poop all over the floor! we looked all over for that rat and we couldn't find it. THEN this morning when we were sleeping we hear this water bottle hit the floor, we hurry and turn on the light and see this HUGE rat run under our door. i wanted to cry! we are yet to catch the rat and we're both terrified!! haha 

My comp. looks at me one day and says "its going to air a lot today so we have to be careful! For the next 5 minutes i figuring out that "air" really means wind! haha

On friday we have a huge missionary ward activity at the church me and my comp. stood outside the church and invited people to come in! in each room the ward had a display! in our room we  made a huge plan of salvation and had treats. we talked to 73 people! 

As missionaries are taught to always invite people to do things, not to go all missionary on you all, but you should go read a talk by jeffery r. holland called "Remember Lot's Wife" it is so good!

well i love you all very much and always keep you in my prayers!!:) have a good week!

con amor,

hermana forsgren 

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