Saturday, August 30, 2014



Wow!! How is everyone?!?!

FIRST THINGS FIRST: we had a baptism on Saturday!! Hermano Carlos was my first baptism!!!!

it´s been a crazy week!! Last week I had to travel to Guadalajara to sign my visa! It takes 8 hours to get there so we traveled on Sunday and then signed it on Monday! On the way back they closed the road to the guacamayas so we had to stay over night with the hermanas in Uraoapan!! haha long story short ME AND H. DUBBS WERE REUNITED! 

hahaha this guy asked me to be his boyfriend while i was on my mission! i told him no so then he sang me a song about my eyes! haha 

we were going to teach a lesson to Angelica a recent convert and we were knocking on her door a grown women walks up to me and says ¨a witch lives there¨  I never realized taht I loved the people here until that women said that! I should´ve went and taught her cuz clearly she´s the one that needs Christ in her life! I love hermana Angelica!!

Sometimes I¨m walking in the streets and i don´t know it´s tears or sweat dripping down my face! hahaha sometimes you walk clear across your area to find a house and it takes forever and you finally find it and they´re not home. haha or they say ¨nobody´s home¨haha i may be a missionary but i´m not stupid! but then that one investigator that read just 1 verse in el libro de mormon makes it all worth it!

Our ward mission leader is 95 years old, and he walks faster then me! He is very nice one day I was sick, (probably cuz of the chicken foot in my soup) and he bought me coconut water! 

We have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday! her name is Claudia! She is soooo good she always reads the el libroe de mormon and comes to church and her husband is a recent convert! But she is very very nervous! please pray for her:)

This mission is the hardest thing i´ve ever done but it´s impossible not to be happy here! haha sometimes i´m having a hard time and then the little kids yell ¨HERMANAS¨ and run up to me and give me a hug!! and it makes eveverything all better! i love it here!:)

we got three new baptismal dates this week!! I´m soooo happy about that!! my investigators are doing great and I´m doing great!! life is happy!!!

i love you all very much and I hope everyone is having a good week!! have a fun and safe 24th of July!! i love you all!!

love hermana forsgren

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