Saturday, August 30, 2014

sending my love from guacamayas mexico


how is everyone doing?? 

this week a member asked us to wear white shirts and black skirts because she wanted us to sing in sacrament! haha turns out she just made it up so the missionaries were matching yesterday! haha The sad thing is this is the least embarrassing thing that has happened all week! haha i will learn espanol one day!

a couple days ago we were teaching a family and after we walked over to a different house and the kids all followed us over there. The house we were at has a lot of untrustable men (I always feel safe, but its just not a good place for kids) anyways the mom walks over to the house and starts yelling at the kids to get home. then all of the sudden she starts chucking rocks AT HER KIDS!!!! then the next day her kid was playing with a macheti and she grabs the knife out of her child's hand and chucks it at a horse! luckily it missed the horse and my comp! ahah craziness!!

One of my investigators cant say my name cuz he had speech problems so he calls me hermana froski! its the best!

well not too much happened this week!! hope all is dong well!!

love you all!!

love, hermana froski 

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