Saturday, August 30, 2014

love you all


hola everyone!!

last week i traveled to Guadalajara again so i didnt get to write!!

Last week i went on exchanges with the sister training leader! and an investigator gave me an umbrela! the people here are so nice! she had no idea who i was and she gave me an umbrella for the rain.

haha my water decided not to turn on for three days so me and my comp took bucket showers! I will never be clean here!!:)

me and my companion were sitting waiting for pizza to be done because a member gave us money instead of feeding us, and a drunk man comes over to us and tries to sit on me!!! haha i hurry and jump up! then i started teaching him about the word of wisdom. I gave him a pamphlet about it and he starts kissing the pamphlet!! hahaha me and hna. castillo died of laughter!!!

one of my investigators Vanessa asked me if i wanted to drink her turtle egg! people drink turtle eggs here! ewwwww

Pamela a member, made american food for me! i wanted to cry! it was SOOOO good! she made union rings and hamburgers!!

one of our investgiators hernesto has 13 earrings on one ear! he was wearing a necklace with a huge tooth on it and he comes up to me in a lesson and says 
I know you are really smart and you study a lot so do you know what animal this tooth came from?? hahah i was like umm... i study the bible and the book of mormon!! haha next time i see him ill just tell him it was a tiger or something!! haha oh hernesto.

This man was very sad and he starts talking to us he started telling us that he is an alcholic beacuse is daughter was murdered! it was very sad we taught him about the plan of salvation and how one day he will see his daughter again! 

The police here drive around in big trucks and carry big big big guns! they all wear bullet proof vests and helmets! anyways they all have very serious looks on there face and today one of them smiled and waved to me!! i was sooo happpy!! haha i finally got one of them to smile at me!!

I love the children here soooooo sooooooo soooooo much!! I taught them how to give pinkey promises and they all promised me to go to church with me!

anwyays sorry this email is so long! i love love love love being a missionary! i love the people here!! i love the gospel and i know it is true!!

also, Angelica gave us a hamick!! we are sooo excited to put it up!! 

con amor,

hermana forsgren 

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