Wednesday, July 16, 2014

loveeee youu


Hola!!!! how was the fourth of July??
well this week i got an infection in my feet from the mesquitoes so I couldn{t go out for 3 days then for 5 days i could only go to eating appoitments. everyone be thankful for the doctors in USA!! haha it was crazy being in the doctors and not knowing anything that was going on ugh!! it was so frusterating! but i am right back in action!! I know that i was given that trial for a reason!

haha we have three baptism dates for the 19 of July so pray that they will all follow through! haha

This week i found out that GIANT pigs live here in the wilderness!! ya i know terrifying! haha

haha the doctor told me i had to wear socks with my dress and shoes, haha might as well give the people here an actual reason to stare! hahahahahahah

an investigator Jairo hates me cuz i wear my hair on the top of my head!! hah but the feelings are mutual cuz he lied to me and told me he would come to church and didn{t come!! haha just kidding.

my no carbonation streak is over!!! so sad!!!

it is very humbling to be here, the people here have absolutely nothing and everyone is still so happy!! we are teaching a women here and she lives in a little hut. she used wood boards in a circle for walls, and a fire to make food. she doesn{t even have a bed!! she is very happy though! 

well thanks for writing me!! I miss everyone very much!! 
hermana forsgren

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