Thursday, May 22, 2014

MY FIRST WEEK IN THE MTC!:) (sorry it's SO long)


Hey everyone!!!:)
First off i just wanna say thanks to everyone for sending all the mail and emails! haha everyone in my district is jealous of me cuz i get the most! LOVE YOU GUYS!

So it was a really bad idea to get into the habit of saying "dude" cuz they get so mad here if they here you say it! haha oops! and i have bought 2 packs of mints already trying to not chew gum! haha but they say "exact obedience brings blessings" haha

My companion is Hermana Beyler and she is from a small town in Idaho! She was a cheerleader at her high school! but guess what??? she had 18 people in her graduating class?!?!? crazy huh? like i had more then that in my prom group! haha anyways she is super nice! Me and her are a lot alike! she is kinda quiet and i like that because sometimes the hermanas NEVER stop talking haha anyways she thinks it's so weird that we don't have a riding lawn mower! haha and one day we got really bored and calculated it out and I have more people on my street then she does in her WHOLE town! hahahahahahahhahaha so crazy! 

So there are 4 elders and 4 hermanas in my district! one of the elders is all the way from East Africa! he can speak 5 languages! which is awesome!! one is also from Virginia! the other two are just from utah! one of the hermanas went to Davis so we know A TON of the same people, so we get along way good! we're always talking to eachother and i really like her a lot! the other one is from Cali! She's kinda loud but i still love her:) 

Wednesday: my first day was crazy! the teachers only spoke espanol! sometimes when you answer a question wrong, you don't even get emarbassed cuz you have no idea what they are saying back to you! haha 

thursday: The second day was brutal! haha i could only think about home and i was super homesick! however, the blueberry muffin top cereal is SOOOO yummy!! so that got me through the day! haha it's the little things that get you through the MTC:) I also met my President he is from Texas and has a really thick accent!! he's so kind, he has Parkinsons disease so it's hard for him to walk and see! he is soooo awesome though and has the best stories for us!:)

Friday: hahahahahhahahahahahahahaah so we had an investigator, and i was trying to say "we want to bring you unto Christ" but instead i said "we want you to squeeze christ" hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahah we laughed sooooo hard!! it was funny! my espanol is coming along and i can't believe how much i know from the first week!
Saturday: Our lesson with our investigator Jose went well! nothing too exciting.

Sunday: Probably one of the most spiritual experiences of my life!!!!!!! your never gonna believe this! you guys should look up Mary Edmunds! she is awesome! she's written a few books i think and has gone on like 4 missions! (if she can go on 4, i can go on 1) haha anyways she gave an awesome talk!! 
************you guys should also go watch the talked by David Bednar entitled "The characteristics of Christ" it will seriously change you life! So after we watched that all the sudden David A. Bednar walked in the room!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of the missionaries stood up and he gave us the opportunity to ask questions and he answered them! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!! 

Monday: we played kick ball! so that was fun! haha we aren't supposed to keep score though so that's lame! haha i'm too competitive!:/

Tuesday: I sang in the choir! hahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahhahah anyways we had a devotional that was SO good!!:) 

Wednesday: we just spoke espanol everyday! haha nothing new:)

wow!! i'm so sorry that this letter is sooo long! i just had SOOOOO much to tell you!! haha the MTC is such an awesome place! you can feel the spirit so much and i wish you could all be here to feel it with me!:) I'm starting to really really really love the MTC! like i love it so much!:) 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write me more!:) I love getting letters from you guys it really helps! I love you so much and am so grateful for you guys in my life!:) The church is true! be a missionary!
Hermana Forsgren:)


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