Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I love you tomorrow


One of my friend's (currently serving in Romania) brother is in the way sick band called New City Skyline (check them out here, i promise you, you will not be disappointed) well they opened for a band called the Royal Concept and an even more famous band called Switchfoot. Yeah Switchfoot is the band that was in the movie A Walk to Remember. It was seriously one of the coolest concerts i've ever been to in my entire life! All three bands were so rad!! you should go check em out cuz they are awesome! There is something about skinny jeans and a man rocking out that is just so dang sexy to me! haha trust me you will want to witness it. Wanna know something cool?? Someone in the crowd gave the lead singer in Switchfoot a blue book hahaha either a Book of Mormon or a Bible we debated the whole night and still can't decide! Regardless, I thought that, that was way cool! Only in Utah though! haha Wanna know something even cooler???................. 

(Blake, Mike, Bailey, Devin who is in the band, Ryan, and me looking really short all the sudden)

I'm going through the temple TOMORROW!! i have been waiting for my whole life for this even and i'm finally getting to do it TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! I'm grateful for the opportunity i have to go through. I know that it will positively change my future and i couldn't be more excited for it!!!
P.S. Sorry if i get annoying, you'll be hearing from me again shortly:)

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