Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring break 2k14


Day 1: California/boarding the ship

So, we left Saturday night at like 10ish at night. Yeah I know like the most unsafe thing in the world. We got to Cali and walked around on the beach and then got on the HUGE ship. Haha it was funny cuz when the workers asked me for my passport I gave them a copy of mine (mine's at the MTC). They were like "Why do you have a copy?" I explained to them that i was going on a mission and it was at the training center and they were SO confused. I guess I forgot that I wasn't in Utah anymore. haha made me laugh every time.

Day 2: Catalina Island

Right as we got on the island my camera died so I didn't capture very many pics. When we got there we were gonna snorkeling but the water was FA-reazing, so we deciding to rent bikes instead! I just love bikes so much:) We rode across the whole island, it was beautiful. 

Day 3: Ensenada Mexico

 ("In Ensenada we give our cows tequila, they happy cows") 

So it was crazy being in Mexico for the first time in my life. I can't believe that I'm gonna be living there for a whole year and a half. I don't think I quite understand what I'm getting myself into! haha just kidding. but it was so awesome. Right when I got on the bus i was overwhelmed because I knew that i needed to serve in Mexico. It was so fun to walk around and buy things in the little market place. It made me realize everything I have right now and it definitely made me grateful for what I have. I ended up giving some of the people there some of my money because I knew that they needed it more then I did. (Obviously I won't be able to do that anymore.) I'm in freaking love with all the bracelets and bags that they sale. Oh, and I bought two tacos at this little place on the side of the road and they were probably the best tacos I've ever had. Sorry mom, I love your tacos too. haha but anyways Mexico was awesome and I'm so excited to speak spanish and have pesos:)

Day 4: A day at sea

The last day everyone just hung out on the ship as we cruised in the ocean. We just chilled with everyone. I met so many awesome people that are changing the freaking world. Plus the guys were off the charts hot! haha just kidding (but not really) 
Plus, I pretended that i was on the Titanic so that was pretty awesome. haha even though i missing the most important part, which is the beautiful man! Oh well, who needs boys anyways? haha just kiddin! The next day we all said our goodbyes and we headed back to Huntington beach and then to Las Vegas for the night. So that's that.

Spring Break 2k14 was unforgettable:)

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