Saturday, March 1, 2014

L I F E 


i started thinking today life is so weird. last summer was lucky enough to go on a senior trip with all my friends growing up. i remember when i got there the only thing that mattered to me was having a good time. that was my number one priority, i remember thinking how excited i was to move to college, i remember that honestly my the only thing i questioned was if i trusted to leave my rental bike unattended while i ran to go grab something in the beach house. i don't think that i realized what was really happening. i was on this trip because i WAS growing up. we were celebrating our accomplishments in high school. i remember walking with my friend on the beach while the cold ocean hit our feet. i thought i had my life all figured out. i was gonna go to school and work on my education, make friends date a few guys, get married. can i just tell you how wrong i was. yeah i did work a little at school and maybe dated a few guys but my mission was never something that i actually planned on doing. yeah it was in my head but it was never an actual plan. well things don't really goes as planned. at all. in fact i am a totally different person then i was yesterday. like what the freak who am i? haha i always find myself asking that. not gonna lie sometimes it's scary not knowing what to do. people come and go into your life for a reason. it's a lot easier said then done (if that makes sense) because you really don't know what the reason is now. but in the long run there is always a reason. i don't wanna grow up, i really don't wanna grow up. i wish i could be 19 for the rest of my life. the more i get older the more complicated life gets. i feel emotions i have never felt or even thought i could feel for that matter. but i can't stop time. and to tell you the truth i don't think i would even if i had the chance. i'm excited to see my plan, i'm excited to learn new things and feel even more NEW emotions. Henry B. Eyring said "No one is destined to fail." life it hard but you will always succeed if you learn a lesson. So there's my little rant on life. haha sometimes you just gotta have a little pep talk with yourself- that was mine for the week.
- Alexis Dee Forsgren 

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