Sunday, January 19, 2014

                      Remember when?...


-we ran around the neighborhood with no shoes from sun up to sun down?
-we played rec soccer, on a team called the "Green Dragons?" 
-we jumped on the tramp for hours on end, playing made up games?
-we had our first crush in elementary? 
-we had what I call "legendary friday?" (A.K.A the first time we hung out with boys)
-we video recorded ourselves having pointless convos, and thought we were the shiz? 
-we played night games like: kick the can, steal the flag, and witches and pilgrims? Over and over again.
-we took our first selfie?
-we experienced our first kiss?
-we did our locker combination over 2387948947 times and somehow it always jammed?
-we all met at the park? swinging never got old.
-we walked everywhere?
-^^ soon after we got our first car? that we all waited forever for.
-we all laughed (and cried) under friday night lights?
-we went to our first high school dance?
-we talked on the phone till early morning hours?
-we took the ACT? And realized that we didn't even care about the test when we got to the last section (yeah right)
-we couldn't wait till high school was over?
-we went to our LAST prom?
-we graduated? we actually graduated!!
-we went to California for our senior trip? And had the time of our lives.
-we cried our eyes out when best friends left for college or missions?
-we cut our hair? and went through days we loved it and hated it. 
-we looked through all the yearbooks and past pictures?
-we wished that it wouldn't have gone by so fast?

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